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Nathan Schoemer is an American dog training and canine educational expert and former United States Marine. He was certified as a Professional and Master Dog Trainer through the Tom Rose School, where he graduated at the top of his class in both the Professional and Master Dog Trainer programs, passed in the top of his class as a search and rescue specialist, and further became certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. 

He went on to found his first dog-training company, Orion Canine Academy, in Los Angeles before being offered an instructor position back at the Tom Rose School. Through his

work as an instructor and marketing director at the Tom Rose School, he was able to implement his extensive background in commercial media production by producing all of the school’s instructional videos. 

Nathan continued to advance his career through certification as a Decoy by the Protection Sport Association and the completion of Forest Micke’s Heeler’s Toolbox Beginner and Intermediate Program. He has trained countless rescue dogs, which were then able to find their forever homes. 

Nathan began using his extensive experience to help many canine professionals find their own similar companies. Eventually, Nathan’s career culminated with the creation of Hira’s Legacy, a non-profit educational foundation to improve the lives of dogs and their owners. Not long after the founding of his new organization, Nathan returned to Los Angeles.

Shortly after his return to LA, Nathan was cast by Animal Planet as the co-host of Rescue Dog to Super Dog; a UK show recently formatted for American audiences. In the show, Nate transform rescue dogs into service dogs to help the lives of people affected by disabilities. 

More recently Nate has joined forces with Cammies & Canines in the mission of helping Veterans, Rescuing dogs, and training service dog for the disabled. In doing so, Hira's Legacy has become a department of C&C's and has moved down to San Diego. 

During Nathan’s eight years of service in the U.S. Marine Corp, he was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I and II, being meritoriously promoted to the ranks of Corporal and Staff Sergeant. During this time, he served as a machine gunner, black-belt martial arts instructor, combat swim instructor, and as a drill instructor. During his career as a drill instructor, Nathan trained 550 civilians to become Marines, 15,000 Marines in combat water survival, and 100 Marines in the art of Marine Corp Martial Arts. During this time, he was awarded Drill Instructor of the Quarter and selected for Senior Drill Instructor of the Quarter.

Nathan prides himself on his self-motivation, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, and determination to serve his clients and his community in all of his endeavors. He currently trains in the sport of French Ring and lives in San Diego with his Malinois, Arih and Hero and Labrador, Charlie.


Mike Deasy, of Deasy, Penner & Partners, is a Yale-educated urban planner-turned-realtor who has represented both buyers and sellers of some of the most architecturally significant residential properties in Southern California for the past 30+ years. Mike has lent his support to the cause of Hira's Legacy as the non-profit's treasurer and advisor. You can learn more about his firm at http://deasypenner.com/ .


Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a writer, editor, and author. With a focus on travel and independent lifestyles, he runs his personal blog at www.cyruskirkpatrick.com . He has been featured on BBC and various local affiliates and newspapers for his work in North Korea. He continues to produce books related to topics like spirituality and breaking out of the rat race. He's been a chairperson of the Hira's Legacy Foundation since 2016, working not only as a site editor and content advisor but occasional hands-on work with dogs.