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Our number one mission is education. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This is the key to eliminating unnecessary euthanasia, reducing the number of dogs ending up in shelters, and to improve the quality of life for dogs everywhere. We are dedicated to creating free informational and training resources, including on our YouTube channel.


Many rescues will go to the local shelter and pull dogs that have a high adoption rate. Meaning, even if they didn't pull the dog from the shelter, the dog had a high chance of being adopted by someone else. Instead, we focus on pulling dogs from local shelters which have a very low chance of being selected otherwise. Dogs that have behavioral problems or are too old. We give them the second chance they so rightfully deserve.


We get our service dogs through two distinct methods. If we find a dog from a local shelter that has the temperament, disposition, and the trainability to be a service dog, we will pull them from the shelter and immediately start them in our training program. Some of our other service dogs come from generous donations from breeders that breed specifically for service dog work. 


When someone contacts us in need of a service dog, if they are approved, we then start the process of finding and training the dog specifically to their needs. We provide our service dogs FREE for anyone with a disability, no strings attached. This is part of the mission of Hira's Legacy.


As communities, we must come together to support our veterans, who sacrifice so much, yet are often not recognized for what they do, and what they have to deal with when they finish their duty. Upon returning from deployment, many soldiers need assistance. This is where our Veterans Program comes into play. This program represents our mission to provide free service dogs for veterans as well as free schooling.


 If a veteran chooses, they can also come to our facility and learn how to be a professional dog trainer. This education will not only benefit the veterans themselves, but it will benefit the community as the veterans adopt a new skill allowing them to train service dogs for others.


The Hira's Legacy's Dog Trainer Academy could be your path to a career as a canine professional, with an intensive program that will train you to be the very best. Every student will receive a certificate of completion, continued support, advice from our staff, and useful links and information for any future endeavors. This is a highly challenging program that demands a lot from the students. 


The program involves lectures, written exams, hands-on training, and a real life test that will develop you into a well-rounded professional dog trainer. Below is a list of all the training you will receive while attending our school:


• Basic and advanced obedience.

• Puppy imprinting.

• Agility.

• Scent detection.

• Teaching group and private obedience classes.

• Public relations, sales, and management.

• Police K-9, civil protection, and security.

• Competition obedience (IPO, French Ring, and AKC).

• Search and rescue.

• How to work with aggressive dogs.

• How to work with fearful dogs.

• How to safely handle fearful/aggressive dogs in and out of kennels.

• How to read a dog's body language.

• How to work with deaf dogs.

• How to work with blind dogs.

• What to ask and what to look for when adopting a dog out of a shelter.

• Confidence building exercises. 

• Train full and reliable retrieving abilities.

• Advanced service dog training.


A certification from Hira's Legacy is only awarded to our students who complete all our graduation requirements. This program is highly selective, many will submit, few will be accepted and even fewer will graduate. But, those that do will be in high demand no matter where they go.


This program will also teach you everything you need to know to start your own successful business or non-profit rescue foundation. We will cover marketing, logo and website design, taxes, incorporating, networking, and social media tactics. 


Contact us to learn more.