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As a team, we can help you and your dog enjoy a brighter future together!



Nate Schoemer



Hira's Legacy was inspired by my beautiful Malinois, Hira, who lost her life in 2015.  She changed my life and made me the trainer I am today, and in honor of her and the life she lived, Hira's Legacy was born. At Hira's Legacy, the relationship of mutual love and trust between humans and dogs is fundamental to our approach to training. By helping people understand their dogs and how to train them, we strengthen an ancient bond and make it more enjoyable for both human and dog.


The purpose of dog training is to enhance relationships between dogs and their owners. Implementation of training principles is designed to put you and your dog on the same page together. Dogs especially are animals that are loyal to their owners; with a desire to please. This is why a dog may live in confusion as she notices how her owners are unhappy—but the poor pup doesn’t understand why. Because communication is lacking, the situation never improves—the owner becomes frustrated, and the dog remains confused.


Sadly, this pattern can deteriorate the relationship, and in the worst case scenarios—prompt an owner to give the dog away to a shelter (where it is eventually put down). At Hira’s Legacy, we believe it’s very important to stop this cycle by improving the lives of dogs and their owners—and thus save saving the lives of dogs in the process.


Dog training is the process of helping your dog to understand your expectations. As they are not capable of cognitive reasoning as is practiced by us bi-pedal mammals, we must instead use systems of conditioning, pattern-recognition, and positive habit forming to create our desired results, and help the dog to comprehend our own thoughts and feelings.


Together, we can help all dogs enjoy a brighter future.


-Nathan Schoemer



Need help with your pet? Check out Hira's Legacy Dog Training. Our training is designed to help dogs reach their full potential with a clear path to success.




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Mike Deasy

Mike Deasy, of Deasy, Penner & Partners, is a Yale-educated urban planner-turned-realtor. Mike has lent his support to the cause of Hira's Legacy as the non-profit's treasurer and advisor. You can learn more about his firm at http://deasypenner.com/.

Nathan Schoemer

Nathan Schoemer is the founder and owner of Hira's Legacy Foundation. He is an American dog training and canine educational expert, and former United States Marine. He was certified as a Professional and Master Dog Trainer.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a writer, editor, and author. He's been a chairperson of the Hira's Legacy Foundation since 2016, working not only as a site editor and content advisor but occasional hands-on work with dogs.



For the mission of Hira's Legacy to be a success, we need the help of volunteers like yourself. With so many dogs in need, it would be impossible for us to do it on our own. You will receive our support throughout the entire process, including private training lessons to increase your knowledge of dogs and to help further the success of our mission. Fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for Hira's Legacy Foundation.